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I was having my 50th birthday party, and although I didn’t want to celebrate, I was given a surprise party. I got plenty of gifts, but the beautiful plant arrangement I received was the highlight. My friend knew that I loved plants and flowers, and it couldn’t have been a more thoughtful gift.  Date: 01/05/2023


San Francisco

I was trying to figure out the flower arrangements for my wedding. Everything was stressing me out; I wasn’t sure where to go or what to do. I saw this website and the plants were so lovely. I was skeptical because so many times the pictures look better than the actual plants. I ordered a sample arrangement and was pleasantly surprised. I decided not to get traditional flowers, but decided on these arrangements. I ordered all the arrangements for my wedding from them and it was absolutely gorgeous. Date: 01/18/2023



We got this gorgeous arrangement of plants introducing a new accounting company to us. Although we were not looking to switch, the thoughtfulness and the beauty of the gift made us believe that this company cared. The plants are still alive; we did end up switching companies and it’s been a great transition. Date: 01/15/2023


Costa Mesa

About 6 weeks ago, I wanted to give someone a housewarming gift that was different and would make their new home more beautiful. I thought of sending them a nice plant arrangement. I found this website and the arrangements were quite pretty and unique. I ordered an arrangement to be sent to the couple’s house, and it arrived in perfect condition. It looked just like the pictures and the card said exactly what I asked them to say. I would highly recommend. Date: 02/09/2022


San Diego

I was having my first Thanksgiving at my house, and was very nervous. I was afraid my food would not be great, my family would fight, and my decorations would be lackluster. I found this beautiful arrangement of plants online and it was a blessing. The food turned out great, the family was amicable, and the decorations were absolutely perfect with fall colors. Date: 05/05/2023



I can’t believe the arrangement of plants that arrived a day before my birthday. I was feeling down because my birthday is close to Christmas and often overlooked. My best friend knew this and sent me these and made my day.


San Diego

I couldn’t find anything to give to my loved one for Valentine’s Day, as everything was the same and I was tired of the typical flowers that die in a few days. I searched the stores and the web and nothing caught my attention. I then came across this website, and saw what they had to offer, which were awesome plant arrangements. I ordered them to be delivered to her work, and all she could say when she got home was how nice they were. Her co-workers were jealous and that was the highlight of her day.

Date: 05/08/2023



I don’t know what to say about these plant arrangements. They are meticulously arranged and put together with love. I would highly recommend for any special occasion you may have, or just to have in your house to enjoy. 
Date: 07/20/2022


San Diego

I had to decorate my jobsite for a large client that was coming to visit. I had no idea what to get the make an outstanding appearance. I searched the internet and found this website. The plants were pretty, yet sophisticated. I thought they’d be perfect, I ordered them and my boss gave me kudos for days.

Date: 05/09/2022



I got this plant arrangement for a thank you for helping a client. I must say it was the most thoughtful gift. I still have it and it’s still thriving in my office.

Date: 08/15/2022


San Diego

My daughter lives across the country from me and Mother’s Day came around. I’m used to not receiving anything from her as she is away. But I was pleasantly surprised when I got an arrangement of plants. I guess daughters do remember

Date: 05/24/2022



I’m a lover of plants, but my plants don’t love me. I cannot keep them alive ever. When I received this beautiful arrangement, I was so upset, not because they were not gorgeous, but because of my luck with plants. However, the directions they gave me to keep the plants alive were very informative. I was able to follow them to a tee and they are still living and keeping my living area bright.

Date: 12/24/2022


San Diego

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