9 Plants

Flowers are beautiful and they smell great. There are many varieties to select from including different colors and sizes. We use flowers for every occasion, icluding birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weddings, a simple thank you, birth of a child, and many more. We also send flowers when someone passes, to remind us of the memories we shared. Although flowers are great and we can take pictures of them for memories, there is a problem with flowers:


We have a better solution for you! 


Plants will live and thrive longer than flowers. As long as they are cared for properly (we give you detailed instructions), they can last for well over three months and a lot of times for a year or longer. Feed them, water them and talk to them and you will have your plants around for a long time. 

We at www.ArtPlantsandMore.com use different plants such as orchids, dracaena, and foliage. We have three florist designers on our staff. They all have their individual style of design. They use different types of plants, both flowering and not, therefore no two pieces are the same. To make them sweeter we can add Ferrero Rocher Chocolate, Hershey kisses, or Lindt Lindor Chocolate. You can also choose to add Martinelli apple cider (sorry, no alcohol or marijuana), a personal message or a gift or credit card to make it super sweet. 

Anytime you look at your beautiful and well-arranged piece, you will be reminded of the moment you received or purchased it. When you water them, it doubles your pleasure. When you feed them, it triples your pleasure. When you talk to them, they thrive and will give you pleasure for many months and/or years to come.

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