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Client Referral

A referral is when someone refers and/or introduces a potential new client to a business. The potential client may or may not become an actual client, but the thought of the referral is what is important. A “thank you” is often given in the way of a gift or card.  

New Career

A career is when someone gets a new job that begins their career in life. Typically this is a job in which the person feels they are beginning their lifelong career and expects to work at this job until retirement. This is celebrated informally amongst friends and colleagues and many times a gift is given as congratulations.

Thank you

A thank you can be given at any time, in many ways, and for many reasons. In business it is usually to thank someone for their business or for something kind they may have done. It can also thank someone for a client referral (see above). A thank you is usually given in the form of a card or a gift.


An introduction in business is when a company is attempting to get another business to use their services and become a client. Many companies will send a gift to introduce themselves and explain what they have to offer.

Introduction to Client

After a company introduces itself to a potential client, it is possible that that potential client becomes an actual client. At this point the company may send a gift or a card to thank them for becoming a client. 


A promotion is when someone achieves a higher position in a company. Oftentimes this puts that person in a position of power and prestige. Companies often celebrate this informally with a party for the person of honor.


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