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Flowers are beautiful and they smell great. There are many sizes, colors, and varieties to choose from. Our society uses flowers for every occasion including birthdays, Valentine’s Day, weddings, a simple thank you and many more. We also send flowers when someone passes, to remind us of the memories we shared. Although flowers are great and we can take pictures of them for memories, there is a problem with flowers:


We have a better solution for you!


Plants will live and thrive longer than flowers. As long as they are cared form properly (we give you detailed instructions), they can last for well over three months and a lot of times for a year or longer.
Feed them, water them and talk to them and you will have your plants around for a long time.

We at www.ArtPlantsandMore.com use different plants such as “Orchids, Dracaena, Foliage and more”. We have three florist designers on our staff. They all have their individual style; therefore no two pieces will be the same. Sometimes they also make the arrangements sweeter by adding chocolate if you so choose. We have “Ferraro Rocher”, “Hershey”, “Kisses”, “Lindor” Chocolate or any of your chose. You can also add “Martinelli Apple Cider” (sorry, no alcohol), as well as a personalized card to your liking.

Anytime you or your loved ones look at your beautiful and well-arranged piece, you will be reminded of the moment you received or purchased it. When you water them, it doubles your pleasure, when you feed them, it triples your pleasure. When you talk to them, they thrive and will give you pleasure for many months and/or years to come.

We have been in this business since June of 2020, and we have gotten further than we could have imagined. Most of our have waiting time of 45 day or more. We currently only deliver to Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside and San Diego counties. We are working on expanding our delivery to the greater area. In-case you are out of these areas, please ask, we have done customized deliveries as well. They will arrive in a perfectly sized box with the plants fully intact that is our guarantee. If not, we will replace them immediately.

All of our arrangements are designed by one of our three florists on staff. They are each unique with their own design and flair. Only the best plants are used to ensure they will last longer. We run a final inspection and quality control on all arrangements before they are sent to our valuable clients.

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